In 1986 a small number of members in two of the existing motorcycle clubs in Fredrikstad wanted to specialise in building choppers based on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

They found that they could not specialise and concentrate in their existing clubs where the members had a mixture of English and Japanese bikes, and no particular interest in building their own custom choppers.

They grouped together, a new club idea was formed based on international biker club culture and fortunately a suitable building for the clubhouse was found on an industrial site, a run-down, ex-mechanical workshop for ship repairs just outside the Fredrikstad town center.



The building was in a poor state of repair and as the club was based on the 1st. floor, the members had to put in a crane to lift the bikes up for maintenance, rebuilding and repairs.
This kind of work is mostly was carried out during the winter storage period.


A lot of work was put in to renovate the premises with a kitchen and a members only lounge.
Each member has his own workspace and of course a bar is an essential part of any clubhouse
for socialising and parties.

1996 celebrated the clubs 10 year anniversary with a big party in the clubhouse and on the area outside, a boat trip around the islands for the guests and a big firework display.


From 23 june 2006 we are proud to have moved in to our new clubhouse in Fredrikstad.

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